Mediation is a fast, inexpensive, and confidential process.  Our focus is to resolve conflict and preserve relationships.

Paul Pattison, Managing Director


What is Mediation?


Mediation is a process facilitated by a professional and Accredited Mediator whose aim is to assist older people, their families, and others who have an interest in the issues, with difficult conversations and decisions.


Mediation can help families to resolve conflicts and to reach mutually agreeable outcomes about the future.   An important aspect of Elder Mediation is being respectful of the rights and safety of the elderly person.  

What is the Mediation/Aged Care Mediation Process?


In mediation, the Mediator assists parties to prepare for the process; identify the issues; facilitate discussion; work towards agreement/consensus; and document the outcome.  

The mediation process begins with an Intake Session.  


An Intake Session is a private consultation with each party separately with one of our qualified Mediators.  This session usually lasts for one to two hours.

The Intake Session is a discussion to assist the Mediator to understand each party’s issues and concerns seeking resolution.  During this session, the Mediator will also explain the mediation process in detail.

Following the Intake Sessions, the Mediator will arrange a suitable time for the parties to attend mediation.  


At the mediation, each party will be invited to identify their issues.  The Mediator will then facilitate a discussion between the parties on the issues identified and assist the parties in reaching a resolution.  

Upon resolution, the Mediator will document the outcome decided upon between each party.