There are many issues that can arise in the provision of aged care.  Residents, their families, and care provider can use mediation to discuss concerns and resolve the differences between them.  

Common issues considered in mediation include:

  • Care directives

  • Caregiver relationships

  • Cognitive decline

  • Communication

  • Continence management

  • Decision-making processes

  • Dignity

  • End of life decision making

  • Exercise

  • Family communication

  • Family members' roles and responsibilities

  • Family relationships    

  • General care

  • Health care

  • Infection control

  • Living arrangements

  • Living expenses

  • Medical decisions

  • Mediation and pain management

  • Mental health

  • Nutrition and hydration

  • Oral and dental care

  • Privacy

  • Religious observation  

  • Special needs

  • Sleep

  • Staff education and development

We mediate issues that arise in care facilities.  We help identify the needs to be addressed and facilitate focused discussion.

Paul Pattison, Managing Director